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The prices for Shore Excursions are in U.S. Dollars and are subject to change without notice. However, detourexcurions will honor the price at the time of the confirmed tour booking even if prices change before tour departure.

Our detailed tour descriptions and additional information list all features included in each tour, which may or may not include guide services, meals, transportation, and entrance fees.

This website are intended for personal, noncommercial use and/or to make legitimate requests to book the products or services offered. This site may not to be used to make any speculative, false or fraudulent requests.


All reservations are subject to availability existing at the moment of your request. Confirmation number can be issued until payment of deposit for the requested service has been made. In some cases it will be necessary to check availability for a specific departure time directly with the local tour operator before a confirmation can be issued to you. Please note that this verification and confirmation process may take up to, 12 hours.

Once you have made your reservation and paid the deposit within the next 24 hours (in most cases), we will send you an electronic ticket for each tour via e-mail, along with all relevant meeting instructions, contact information, or other important information.

These tickets are your admission to your tours.  You must print out your tickets and bring them with you to Cozumel, in case that you cannot print it just bring it on any of your electronic devices (smart phone, laptop, tablet) so you can show it to the tour operator.

On the day of your tour, you will present your ticket to the tour operator for admission to the tour.  It is not necessary to reconfirm your reservation or do anything else once you get to Cozumel, everything is set.  You just need to show up at the indicated place and time.

Your receipt of your excursion will show the exact meeting time and location of your tour.  The times and locations shown on the rest of the website are subject to change without notice, and only the location and time shown on your ticket matters.  If you are not at the meeting location shown on your ticket at the time shown on your ticket, no refunds will be issued, even if a different time or location is shown on our website.

Make 100% sure that you have your ticket with you on the day of the tour and that you follow the instructions shown on it’s face.  This will ensure you have no problems, only have fun.

If during your sailing, your cruise ship is not able to make port as scheduled due to weather conditions, mechanical failure, or other unforeseen circumstances, we will refund the full deposit that you previously made.


Cancellation policy requires a minimum of 48 hours prior the departure of your excursion. You will have to contact detourexcursions via email to notify that yourIf during your sailing, your cruise ship is not able to make port as scheduled due to weather conditions, mechanical failure, or other unforeseen circumstances, we will refund the full deposit that you previously made.

No refunds will be made to any customer who fails to show up for a tour departure at the designated time and place, or who leaves, or otherwise does not use all of the services scheduled to be provided by an excursion. Most tours will operate in a variety of weather conditions, and no refunds will be made to any customer who chooses not to participate in a departing tour due to weather conditions. Members of any excursion who elect to leave the designated tour transportation must provide their own transportation at their own expense back to own destination.

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How do I book a shore excursion?
If you already know which shore excursion you want to do just follow the link “book here” the reservation module is very simple and will guide you step by step to your adventure.

• Can I change my shore excursion?
Yes you can, but it has to be 48 hours prior to your tour or excursion. You can always write us an email. It is important, that your changes or cancelation of the tour has to be 48 hours before the tour or excursion starts. See Terms & Conditions.

• Where do I have to go and where are the meeting points?
The confirmation of your shore excursion as well as the meeting place and times and very detailed instructions will be sent to you via email when you complete the reservation process.

• My tour is in local or ships time?
All our excursions are listed in local time, this mean the time of the port you are can be different to the ship time (cruise passengers only) please double check with the cruise staff if the ship time is the same as the local time so you can make the necessary arrangements to meet your guide on place and time. Detourexcursions is constantly monitoring the arrival and departure times of the different cruise ships that come on port, if there is any change we will notify you right away.

• What currency are the tours shown on the website?
All our shore excursion prices are shown in US Dollars.

• Can I book a tour if my cruise already started?
Yes you can, you can book a tour 12 hours prior the arrival of the cruise ship to the port, please remember that some of the tour are subject to availability and with so short time detourexcursions might not be able to confirm the reservation to your tour. We suggest to book in advance so we can avoid this unnecessary inconveniences.

• There are children prices available?
Yes, most of the tours offer child and adult prices, please read the Additional Information on the main site of the tour you would like to book. If you have any questions do not hesitate on contact us sending us all your questions we will be more than happy to answer each one of them

• Are they any restrictions on the tours?
Yes, some of the tours have different restrictions such as age limit, wheelchair availability, and health restrictions. All of them are listed on the Additional Information on the main site of the tour you would like to book. If you have any questions do not hesitate on contact us sending us all your questions we will be more than happy to answer each one of them

• Are the taxis safe?
Yes, there’s only one taxi union, all the taxis depend on tourism. Most of the taxi drivers speak fluent English and all of them are very knowledge of where the locations are.

• My excursion could be cancel due to the weather?
Depend on your excursion and the tour operator. If the weather conditions are not favorable and safe to do the excursion the tour might be canceled. In case that the excursion is being cancelled due to the weather conditions we detourexcursions will receive a confirmation of cancellation from the tour operator, if this is the case we will apply a full refund of your deposit.

• There are ATM´s close to where my tour is going to be?
Yes, there are plenty ATM´s all around the Island, please note that not all of them will give you US Dollars, most of them will give you Mexican Pesos.

• How do I pay my excursions?
Once you complete the reservation process you will receive a confirmation with all the details as well as the meeting location and the payment options. Most of the tour operator accepts Credit or Debit Cards (VISA or MasterCard). Please read the payment options in your confirmation ticket.