8 Amazing places to eat in Cozumel

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Guides you to the best restaurants on each of our destinations, from world known establishments to local only known, organic food, vegan options to go or to stay forever!! With the sole aim of taking you to a world of food untraditional or else publicized and advertised. From world famous establishments to local known places, organic producer, vegetarians, grills, local producers a bit for everyone.

We do not base our words or comments on websites, magazines or other kind of publications, we personally go and eat on the places that we mention, not only one time and we do not only try one dish, so our writing are basically a extension of what we live and taste on the different establishments around our destinations.
This words comes from a true food lover who enjoys from a backyard bbq with friends, a stand up street place to a fine lobster with tucsido outfit.

The most advertised restaurants are not always the most delicious ones sometimes or most of the times the small, isolated, secluded establishments have the best taste of the area. this is the purpose of this section to show you and recommend you the best, authentic, real local flavor. Places that you will never find or places that you will walk over and never look at them, not because they are ugly or dirty just because they are hidden from the regular tourist who is looking a Mc Donalds or a KFC, when you can have a nice handmade Quesadilla in Mexico, or a Jerk Chicken in the streets of Jamaica..

this is a quest, a journey, a infinite search for the mort iconic, tasteful, delicious, magic places to eat, every day new chefs and new recipes come to life that is this search is endless, as long as you keep reading we will continue writing and tasting the entire world.

El Pique

30th Avenue, between Juarez Street and 2nd Street

Classic Mexican Tacos Restaurant, after your ATV tour, this is the real style of a mexican Taco. The cook is cutting the “pastor” meat from the display as soon as you order. The menu is very extensive, you can choose from the classic Tacos al Pastor; a marinated pork beef in a fresh tortilla with onion, parsley and pine apple. The Mexican who creates this combination deserves a statue!! Unbelievably good! You can add cheese and its called “gringa” awesome dish!

what to do in cozumel el pique

A classic taco restaurant will have so many options from beef, pork chops, pastor meat, chicken and so much more.

This place is very known by locals and opens only for dinner.

El Volado

XelHa Avenue corner 20th Street

Old building wooden house, decorated vintage style. Is bar that opens only in the nights, we mentioned here to help the chicken wing lovers about this place. Excellent place to talk and plan your next diving adventure

4 different sauces, from light spicy to a very spicy, this place sells the chicken wing by kilo or half kilo.

You basically order your choice of drink and 1 kilo of chicken wings (2.2 pounds) with the sauce of your choice and enjoy a nice view of one of the Corpus Christy church.

Excellent choice to have late dinner with drinks, Fridays and Saturdays gets really busy starting at midnight, if you want to avoid a crowded place come around 9:00pm, or on weekdays, the place is only for you!

La Conchita del Caribe

65th Avenue, between 13 & 15 Street

Located in one of the main avenues of Cozumel but away from the tourist area. Well known for local people and appealed by connoisseurs of ceviche and fried fish.
One of the best options here is the Mixed Ceviche (shrimp, octopus and fish); mixed to perfection is a delight to the palate, a nice Ceviche cannot be perfect if you do not have a Mexican beer on the side! The restaurant is very nice, spacious, family operated from over 20 years is a great place for seafood; One of the main attractions are the fresh fish, you literally go to the kitchen and pick up your fish from a cooler, the fish is fresh and catch early in the morning, you can either fried, grilled, garlic, a delicate balance of flavor and freshness awaits for you. Bring the catch of your fishing tour.

Another option is that after your fishing morning trip you take your catch and they prepare it for you!!, excellent option for cruise travelers . The sides of fried fish are a classic white rice and green salad, tortillas are a must to get some fish tacos personal style.

Le Chef

5th Avenue corner with 5th Street
Small restaurant located on a pintoresc corner, perfect for that special dinner, le chef have an international menu and a wide selection of wines, with a few years on the scene has positioned itself as one of the most contemporary and popular restaurants on the island, it also have a special menu that includes the catch of the day and some special recipes that you will not find on regular basis, Depends of the chef special but definitely will surprise your taste with his variety and excellent flavor.

what to do in cozumel le chef

Also you can find from fresh baguettes and pita bread gourmets to duck and lobster of the day.

One of the best sandwiches I’ve ever tried is the lobster sandwich with pesto; a sandwich with triple marbling bread with fresh pesto homemade, melted cheese, bacon and lobster bites… just delicious!! The crispy bacon along with the taste of the pesto, tender lobster and melted cheese sandwich make this a favorite of all. A must try, you won’t be disappointed.

As a starter the delicious tuna tartar, perfect combination of marinated raw tuna with vinaigrette combined to perfection with avocado, olives, tomato, cucumber, the combination of flavors makes your mouth explode on perfect balanced ecstasies. Don’t forget to ask for extra toasted pita bread.      Dolphin interaction will be the perfect combination

Casa Mision / Hacienda Mision

1st Avenue corner with 35th street
Classic Mexican restaurant, traditional, good service and very good food, the menu offer various choices, the most recommended plates are the Chile Relleno, delicious melted cheese chile relleno, weathered and cover in a spicy tomato sauce with side refried beans and rice, a fantastic combination of flavors, textures that will take you to the roots of Mexico, a unique combination of color resembling the national flag (green/chile, white/cream, red/tomato sauce), do not forget to eat this delicious dish with a corn tortilla. Another very good recommendation is the  Tampiquenia a fantastic combination which is a grilled steak along with chesse quesadillas, guacamole, refried beans, rice, enchilada and enmolada, a dish for the hungry ones.

You cannot miss the Enmoladas, classic stuffed chicken tacos topped with Mole Poblano perfectly balanced in flavor and taste with cream and cheese on top, excellent option to eat in Cozumel. Complete your visit to Mexico with the Tequila Tasting Seminar.

On the nights for dinner they have a taco station, fantastic, handmade corn tortilla you can choose from a variety of chicken, beef, pork, combinations and there is a huge variety of toppings for your tacos, like potatoes with chorizo, beans, rice, salad, garlic mushrooms.

El Amigo Mario

5th Street between 35th and 40th Avenue

You cannot leave Cozumel without having a “Torta de Cochinita” or “Torta de Lechon” from this place!!

Family owned and family served, very friendly people and the food are fantastic.

Plastic tables, plastic table coveres, only sodas and juices are sold there, the table have two simple but necessary sides. Chili powder and habanero sauce. Simplicity with an amazing taste. Before diving the perfect breakfast.

A “Torta” is like a baguette with a special shape and taste bread is called “bolillo”. This place serves only one option of food. Cochinita Pibil, is a marinated pork simply delicious, the The bread is opne in half, abundant cochinita pibil is placed they add red onion and habanero chile bits, simple, plain, delicious. You can also order tacos instead of the bread, simply fantastic. This place open every day of the week with the same menu for over 20 years, only the Saturdays the menu changes, Tacos and Tortas of Lechon wich is pork meat baked in the oven very slowly. Same options tacos or tortas with red onion and habanero bites there is nothing simplier than a Torta de Lechon for lunch on Saturdays. They open at 6:00am and close around 2:00pm, you have no idea how tasty is a Torta de Cochinita at 6:30am on the way to work!!

El Sazon del Camaron

Juarez Street between 50th and 55th Avenue

The best breaded shrimp tacos of Cozumel, extremely simple but complicate taste.

Fresh shrimp breaded and fried in a tortilla with a homemade dressing and red onion slices, on the table you will have a variety of 4 different sauces, from the garlic habanero very spicy to a chipotle dressing very smooth.

The classic way to eat the tacos is with a couple of drops from the habanero sauce, chipotle sauce and the pico de gallo combination, you make the taco roll and enjoy the explosion of flavors in your mouth! I’m writing this and my stomach is craving for beaded shrimp tacos!

Going back to the restaurant, you can also order a Torta as well, same combination of flavors and taste.

Beaded fish and breaded pork are also available but the shrimp takes the day!! Local people use to have this for breakfast, excellent for the early starters, if you are diving or snorkeling.

Quesadillas de Dilla

11th Avenue, corner with Rafael Melgar Avenue

Walking around the streets of Cozumel, just a few blocks from one of the main piers you will find this place, once table, 4 chairs, 3 lady’s working, one of them takes the order on the cashier, the second one is making the tortillas and the third one is making the quesadillas, perfectly synchrony for perfect quesadillas.

Basically a quesadilla is a tortilla handmade with cheese and side options, all together inside the tortilla so the cheese melts and its combine with the side that you choose, is common that you add spicy sauce on top. There is over 15 different sides that you ca combine with your quesadilla, such as beans, chicken, green pepper, potatoes with chorizo between another options. This place only makes quesadillas, very reasonable price. Local people call by phone, place the order, and pick it up. It is a very cheap and tasty way to try real Mexican quesadillas.

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