What to do in Cozumel?

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As a result of having over 15 years experience in the field altogether we have the best tours and activities available in Cozumel  and Playa del Carmen. We are therefore able to offer you the best prices and most of all together with our business partners we provide professional and reliable services for all our guests .

The variety of activities and tours is very extensive covering the needs of all family members. Activities include Beach Day activities, Jeep Tour in Cozumel , ATV adventures, Dolphin programs , Scuba Diving, Snorkel, Catamaran, Mexican Buffet, Tequila Seminars and more…

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what to do in cozumel tours


Two amazing Dolphins will teach you about their agility, intelligence and strength. Glide through the water during the foot push and the exciting dorsal tow. Without a doubt, this is the best interactive program and will be for sure The Experience of a lifetime!
what to do in cozumel


Enjoy the unforgettable experience of playing with a lovely Dolphin, live the dream of kissing and hugging him. Marine Mammal Specialists will teach you about the anatomy of these incredible beings. Learn while having fun!

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Be surprised by the speed and agility of your new Dolphin friend as you ride on his belly or through the water on a boogie board. Learn fun facts about this species and about its ecosystem. It will be an incredible adventure!

what to do in cozumel


Experience Discover Mexico Park the full Mexico’s rich heritage, vibrant art, culture, regional cuisine and even tequila before heading off to visit the beautiful Chankanaab Park relax or swim in the clear blue waters of Cozumel

what to do in cozumel

Mexico Past and Present

Discover Mexico Park one place you can experience all the wonders of Mexico, including its rich art, history and culture.

what to do in cozumel


Among Mexico’s rich traditions, one of the most iconic is Tequila, which some even refers to as the national beverage.   Participate in our exclusive José Cuervo Professional Tequila Seminar, and learn the origin, history, method of preparation, and of course, the correct way to savor and appreciate this wonderful beverage.  Afterwards you’ll have full access to Discover Mexico Park.

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Did you know that the earliest evidence of Mayan chocolate was between 400 – 600 BC??    Chocolate was extremely important to the indigenous Mayans, and, in this hands-on interactive tour, you’ll not only learn why Mayans loved chocolate so much

what to do in cozumel?


Drive your jeep throughout the tour, your guide will show you the way.
• Private customizable tour of Cozumel by Jeep
• Drive a Jeep Unlimited into the Mayan jungle and learn about its flora and fauna
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Who doesn’t like chocolate? Come and join us for a delightful stroll through some of Mexico’s most authentic and original flavors.  This excursion promises excitement, family fun, a bit or Mexican history and culture, combined with our exclusive Alebrije painting workshop, where you’ll have the opportunity to



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